Oct 082012

7:00 – 7:30 eat food

7:30 – 9:30 business agenda:

(Already endorsed: Brian Holtz, John Inks).

Vote to endorse candidates:

Johnny Khamis
ArLyne Diamond
Will Bowden
Mary Amanda McChesney
Will Bowden
Alma Jiminez
Benjamin T. Cogan
Drew Spitzer
Sam Leferve

See: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-18/events/78212622/

Comparisons (San Jose City Council Seat District 10)
Johnny Khamis (http://johnnykhamis.org/)
I would like to make Lease Revenue Bonds more difficult to issue
Robert Braunstein (http://www.voterobert2012.com/)
I support a ballot measure to bring the Oakland A’s to downtown San Jose.
There is no question that California’s minimum wage is too low.

Comparisons (California Assembly District 25)
Arlyne Diamond (http://www.diamondforassembly.com/)
It seems to me that forced redistribution of wealth hurts everyone.
We have over-burdened our business community by creating too many hoops
through which they must cross in order to develop business here
Do you want someone who will work to bring back businesses and jobs
and lower your taxes?
Then vote for me.  Vote for Diamond for Assembly, District #25.
Reduce corporate taxes – yes, I know we need the money.
BUT, I believe that more businesses here
brings in more money for everyone.
We need choices.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if parents could select the school
and the teacher of their choice?  How about vouchers?
How about being more supportive of home schooling, charter schools,
and private schools?
Bob_Wieckowski (http://bobwieckowski.com/)
Dedicated revenue streams to fund vital city programs and services
We need Bob in Sacramento to protect public schools

Vote to oppose taxes, bonds, and the San Jose minimum wage.

Discuss ways to support John Inks.